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Whether you need a subdivision done, roadworks completed or services installed, Copp & Co Civil & Plant Hire can provide them in the Whitsundays and throughout Queensland. We have modern, efficient and well-maintained equipment available to assist or complete a broad array of projects. Call our team today.

To complete your civil construction project to the highest standard, you need the best equipment and operators in the Whitsundays. Roadworks, detailed earthworks, installation of gas, water, sewer, electrical and communications infrastructure-we have the best equipment to get the job done.

At Copp & Co Civil & Plant Hire, we can provide end-to-end projects throughout all aspects of civil construction. With several attachments at our disposal, we can also offer vegetation management services to clear land on sites throughout Queensland. This includes slashing and land clearing.

Our professional team provide quality roadworks. We can construct roads to whatever the specification, whether it be gravel formation or cement stabilised, as well as asphalt and bitumen.

We can also provide wet plant hire to assist in all road construction and maintenance. This includes highways, suburban streets and gravel road formations. Our team provides quality workmanship and are experienced to handle graders, profilers, excavators, water carts, rollers and more.

From construction of dams and dam maintenance ,to detailed earthworks, you can count on our professional staff to provide quality results. The equipment include excavators, graders, dozers, trucks and trailers, floats, watercarts, posi-tracks and more.

We also have a wide range of buckets and attachments to complete most earthwork projects. Our operators will ensure that your large or small earthwork project is completed to your satisfaction.

Copp & Co Civil and Plant Hire are Dial Before You Dig accredited locators and will ensure that all concealed cables and services networks are located before your civil construction, roadwork or earthwork project proceeds. Using our up-to-date locators and ground penetrating radar (GPR), we can detect underground assets such as gas mains, electrical conduits, telecommunication cables, water and sewer pipes. We also offer vacuum excavators as well as pothole services to avoid hitting one of these main lines during your excavation work.

With the national Dial Before You Dig referral service in our corner, we have access to information about the vast cable and pipe networks throughout Queensland. No matter what type of project you're working on, we can provide this invaluable service. Call us to locate hidden pipes and cables today.

Using potholing and other non-destructive digging methods, our excavation experts provide safe and effective services without disrupting any underground assets already located. The process is used to safely excavate an area when general machinery cannot be used. It involves using pressurised water to dig while vacuuming any debris.

Our vacuum truck is regularly maintained to ensure little to no mess and to avoid damage to optic fibre cables, underground power lines and drainage pipes. We will also provide backfilling services if required.

Call us about our plant hire services today.

Complete your civil construction project the fast and efficient way with Copp & Co Civil & Plant Hire. We are your go-to civil construction and plant hire professionals in the Whitsundays. Based in Proserpine, we provide all of Queensland with end to end civil construction projects, as well as the wet hire of excavators, graders, dozers, bobcats, trucks and trailers and more. Receive the best equipment for your earthworks and underground service location needs by calling our team today.

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